The Senia-Bangash Gharana
The development and evolution of the Sarod from the older Rabab, a string instrument from Afganisthan and Persia, is credited to the Bangash family, whose ancestor, Mohammed Hashmi Khan Bangash, migrated from Afganisthan and settled down in Rewa in Central India. A horse trader by profession, he developed a deep interest in music. His dexterity on the folksy Rabab coupled with his interest in the Indian classical tradition led him to encourage his son Ghulam Bandegi Khan Bangash, to modify the Rabab into an instrument which could fuse the two traditions. This he did by introducing a metal fingerboard and strings to the rabab. His Son, Ghulam Ali Bangash, perfected the instrument and polished the practice of playing ragas on the Sarod as it was named, meaning 'melody' in Persian.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan represents the sixth generation in this great tradition. His sons, Amaan and Ayaan, also accomplished sarod players in their own rights, are the seventh generation.